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All together for the good of Made in Italy

The most important associative and business realities in the textile-fashion industry, gathered under Comitato Moda, have undersigned an Protocol of understanding aimed at promoting and developping the Italian system worldwide.

The protocol, that has been signed on the 12th of October 2016 during the meeting of Comitato Moda, chaired by the undersecretary of state, Ivan Scalfarotto, aims at imprinting a strong acceleration to sector’s internationalisation, in such a way as to enable it expressing even better and more completely its big potentialities.
The protocol foresees also the strengthening of the runway show system, especially for women, making Milan the symbol city of Made in Italy and the main attraction’s place for all professionals, both national and international. In addition, the agreement focuses on the coordination and rationalisation of the sector fair system. It also foresees the presence in Milan during the Fashion week of all exhibitions, markets or showcases linked to fashion system which are carried out within different locations or in different periods of the year. Mr. Scalfarotto commented the signature saying that “We are working, according to guidelines indicated by the Cabinet and in close contact with local entities and companies in order to create a real Expo of the Beauty and Well Done, that, starting from September 2017, will take place in Milan twice a year”.

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