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To know which colours will stand out in the product development proposals for the 56th edition of Filo, we should wait until the 22nd of June. But one thing is certain: Italy “gets dressed in total white” once again and it finally re-opens the doors to foreign people coming to the country for business or tourism.

In the colour system set up by the authorities to indicate the spread of COVID-19 in the Italian regions, “white” now prevails. “White” regions are the ones classed as a low COVID-19 contagion risk and as a result most of the restrictions applied to activities and travels are removed.
The result is due to a vaccination campaign that continues at a steady pace in Italy, so much so that its national manager has already declared that Italians will all be all vaccinated by September.
Therefore, as early as before summer, Italy regains its normality and with it the ability to re-propose its way of life to the world, in business as well as in leisure time. In the background, as always, there is “the Great Beauty” of the Italian natural, artistic, and cultural heritage.
At the same time, the European “Digital Green Certificate” debuts in July, which will give uniform rules throughout Europe and will allows European citizens to travel among the EU countries safely and without having to quarantine or to comply with other obligations.
While Italy re-opens its borders and activities, trade-fairs, such as Filo, can be held again in a physical form. For visitors coming from foreign countries there is a double guarantee. The first one is that the visit inside the exhibition will take place in total safety thanks to anti-Covid-19 measures adopted by Filo. The second guarantee is the fact that outside the exhibition centre, Milan is waiting for them – again in total safety – with its glowing hotels, coffee bars, restaurants and shops, as in pre-COVID-19 time.


Biella, June 2 2021

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