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Coatyarn Srl produces high tech coated yarns in different combinations of cores and coats, among them TPU Evolution®, the 100% Italian made and 100% recyclable polyurethane yarn.

TPU Evolution® grants great resistance to abrasion, grease, oils, solvents and it is extremely versatile, with antimicrobic features and extraordinary colour solidity. It is suitable for a variey of applications, such as accessories, outdoor shoes, sneakers, bags, knitted wear, workwear, but also furniture and automotive. According to the temperature applied, you can get different finishing effects (from peach-skin to lamination), in the glossy, extraglossy or matt versions, giving unique features to the fabrics. TPU Evolution® is successfully used for woven and knitted fabrics, suitable to either flat, circular or orthogonal machineries, from 7 to 18 gg, and also for amazing embroideries. It is available in different counts, starting from 330 dtex and 930 dtex, and more, in a huge range of colours. Water-free coloured, solvent free and produced aiming at the “zero waste” goal, TPU Evolution® is REACH and OEKO-TEX certified, standard 100 Class 1.


Biella, February 7 2024

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