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Three “Routes” between myth and reality for Filo no. 50

A large part of the meetings in Biella, Milan and Prato in view of the 50th edition Filo was reserved to the presentation of the product development proposals elaborated by Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of Filo. The title itself gives an important indication: “Routes”.

Gianni Bologna explained: “To celebrate this historic 50th edition Filo we have chosen to dedicate the proposals to that concept of harmony and beauty that is becoming increasingly difficult and complex to deal with. The latest market analyses and trends encourage us to reflect on another point that few seem to fit in the right dimensions: the increasingly large part of the market represented by the consumption of the “not so young” segment. The “senior” consumers have higher incomes than young and very young segments (almost totally oriented to goods ready for immediate use and low price goods); in addition, senior consumers have experience about products with higher aesthetic and quality contents. Let’s then start by looking for new inspirations along three itineraries that now belong to the myth: “spice route, “silk route” and “Route 66”, to recreate a current vision of beauty on the basis of beauties and unique splendours”.

The product development proposals of the 50th edition of Filo are available on the exhibition website:


Biella, July 11 2018

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