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Jersey yarns in the new collection of Tollegno 1900

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website creator Natural raw materials, hand-made craftsmanship, the centrality of “know how”, attention to tradition and, at the same time, innovation: the Spring / Summer 2019 collection of Tollegno 1900 is a manifestation of all the tenants the company has valued since its establishment.

The result of focused research and with an eye towards protecting the environment, the collection from Tollegno 1900 showcasing a “single” collection destined for the “jersey-addicted” perfect to interpret fashion that works for the runways and everyday life. To define the three collections “Performance #24hourworkandleisure”, “Classic” and “Luxury” is the “L” (lightness) factor which, apart from being a seasonal requirement, becomes a creative turnkey. This is confirmed by the company’s iconic yarns – for all: “Harmony” and “New Royal”, also featured in the topwash version, “Vicky” and “Charme” in different finishes. Also newer qualities such as “Corvette”, “Montreal”, “Phantom” and “Pagoda”, which, thanks to their intrinsic characteristics (thermal insulation power, maximum elasticity, high absorption power, lightness and softness), quickly gained market interest.

Biella, 20th September 2017

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