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Linen is the vegetable fiber par excellence, appreciated on the main international markets for its versatility, its beauty and for its being an absolutely natural material. At Filo the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC) reveals the exciting results of the Barometro del Lino 2021.

The survey “Barometro del Lino”, realised with the contribution of the economic observatory of the Institut Français de la Mode, was carried out by surveying 6,600 consumers in six countries: the traditional markets of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States were joined for the first time by China and India.

Both for fashion and for furnishings, purchases of linen items always have very specific reasons: in France, consumers are conquered by the lightness and comfort of the material, in Italy and China by its freshness; in France, in the United Kingdom and in India the style of the proposed models is particularly appreciated.

In general, the criteria that lead to purchase a “responsible” linen item are the environmental impact of the fabric and environmentally friendly production, with perfectly clear traceability. Thanks to the many natural qualities of the fiber, the proximity to the places of cultivation and resistance to use, linen meets the current needs of consumers.

Western Europe is the world’s leading producer of flax: France, Belgium and the Netherlands guarantee 80% of production.

Celc, the European agro-industrial organization that brings together all stages of production and processing of flax and hemp, supports a supply chain of excellence in a globalized context. Its mission is based on the innovative and environmental qualities of the fibres it represents, guaranteed by the European Flax and Masters of Linen traceability brands and promoted to professionals and consumers thanks to the “Amo il Lino” promotional campaign.

Biella, September 17 2021

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