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The yarns of excellence by Filatura Luisa 1966

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For more than 50 years Filatura Luisa 1966 has been guaranting to its customers a “real stock service” in pure wool and fine blends, melange and solid colours all top dyed, in fine and ultra-fine counts, with an exemplary service in terms of quantity and time.

Filatura Luisa 1966have always offers a service of productions focused on customers’ requests, both for the realisation of articles and colours “custom-tailored”, or for the stock management, all with the guarantee of the seriousness that has always distinguished the firm
The firm’s long-time yarns manufacturing in natural fibres guarantees a product with peak performances and the maximum comfort, taking care about the environment and people’s health and wellness. Excellence’s yarns stock service supported for the best and natural productions at the top of the range.

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