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The road-show for 47th edition of Filo

The road-show for 47th edition of Filo

The 47th edition of Filo, the yarns and fibres’ exhibition, will be held at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2017.

To promote the event, Filo has organised a road show consisting of three meetings in Biella (on the 12th of December at the Unione Industriale Biellese, via Torino 56), in Milan (on the 13th of December at Palazzo delle Stelline, corso Magenta 61) and in Prato (on the 15th of December at Prato’s Chamber of Commerce, via del Romito, 71).

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, declares: “The 47th edition of Filo will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2017, with a slight anticipation compared to past spring editions. We have made the choice considering the rearrangement of the exhibition calendar for textile and fashion system. The new date answers the new needs of our exhibiting companies, which have to be in turn ready to meet their clients’ demands. Our decision goes in the right direction, according to the high numbers of subscriptions we have already registered. Also our road-show for the presentation of the 47th edition of Filo has aroused a great interest among exhibitors and textile professional in each of the three textile districts”. Monfermoso continues saying that: “Under a framework of political uncertainty, more than ever the task of an exhibition like Filo is to offer to the participating companies real opportunities to grow and to increase their competitiveness within domestic and international markets. In this respect, it is fundamental to underline the importance of the already long cooperation between Filo and ITA Agency: on one hand, it has brought very satisfying results for the exhibiting companies. On the other hand, it has given us the opportunity to promote Filo across the foreign markets which are considered to be the most interesting for textile industry’s developments”.

Themes and news referred to the edition of February 2017 are not the only focus of the three press conferences. A wide part of the meetings is indeed dedicated to the presentation of product development proposals envisioned by Gianni Bologna, creativity and style manager for Filo. Through the theme chosen for the 47th edition – ‘Forever Tourists’- Filo continues to outline the luxury and high-end products’ evolutions, at the same time underling the continuous growth of interest for Made in Italy and its excellence’s production. According to Gianni Bologna, indeed, we are living on “an environment of oblique visions and parallel or overlapping plans that just in this kaleidoscope create a kind of “charm” which do not meet traditional aesthetics’ rules – to which we used to be accustomed, but it remains the one that, for now, reflects on lived reality and then, on market. In the trends for 47th edition of Filo, we then rest on continuous shifts of meaning, displacements and relocations of time plans. In a context of outward and return journeys between reality and imagination, we are in some way always talking about “journeys”.





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