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Starting from this FiloNewsLetter’s issue, we are going to publish a series of interviews, one per each issue, carried out during the 59th edition of Filo to the dyeing mills that took part in the fair. The title given to the column is “The Colour of Sustainability”.
Sustainability, traceability, supply chain are indeed the three key words for future’s textile industry. In order to turn the three words into action, Filo has opened its doors also to dyeing mills for some editions, aiming at proposing to exhibitors and visitors a supply chain’s vision, to develop and strengthen the collaborations existing among the various players of production supply chain. The interviews carried out with the dyeing mills help us to better understand the idea of sustainability in the scope of textile industry and how much it is essential to really reach textile products’ sustainability (and traceability). The first issue of “The Colour of Sustainability” includes the interview to Francesco Ferraris from Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris.


Biella, May 31 2023

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