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Filo is increasingly turning up as a business platform, a place where supply and demand of yarns, and much more, meet. Thanks to its strong feature, the Exhibition aims at offering to exhibitors and visitors a supply chain’s vision of textile production; an approach that is now indispensable for tackling urgent issues such as sustainability, traceability, and circular economy.

The attention of Filo for the supply chain has been representing a milestone of the fair’s strategy for a long time: this is proven by the presence of yarns, fibres, knitwear’s producers, and dyeing mills among the exhibitors, but also by other initiatives implemented by Filo, such as FiloFlow – which is proposed as a project for tracing the supply chain; and such as the constant presence of Filo at Milano Unica.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, says: “Filo has always been open to any kind of synergy and collaboration, aiming at bringing benefit to each company and exhibitor. Supply chain is a concept which we have been always focused on, and which will represent one of our priorities for the future, starting from the 60th edition that will be held in September.”


Biella, May 17 2023

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