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The 59th edition of Filo opens today


The 59th edition of Filo – the International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibres – opens today at Allianz MiCo Milan (via Gattamelata 5). The Exhibition will close tomorrow, February the 23rd, 2023. At Filo, press and visitors can discover the yarns, the fibres, the materials, the finishing, and the high-quality production processes intended for the top-of-the-range industry. Today the exhibition will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sustainability, traceability, supply chain: these are three simple and immediate words which reflect and sum up the virtuous path that starting from excellent raw materials arrives at very high-quality products, and for this reason the three words have been chosen by Filo as the fil rouge of the 59th edition.

Under the sign of sustainability, traceability and supply chain, Filo offers high-quality yarns, fibres and materials produced by its exhibitors in a well-structured exhibition layout, whose core is the “Dialoghi Creativi” Area. The visit to Filo often starts here, since in the “Dialoghi Creativi” Area it is possible to find a survey of exhibitors’ collections, in a setting up inspired by the “Imaginary Geographies” proposed by Gianni Bologna (Filo Creativity and Style Responsible). The “Dialoghi Creativi” Area also includes the Quick Delivery sector and ‘Un Filo per la maglia’, containing the proposals for knitting, which are increasingly part of the companies’ collections. The Sustainability Area is totally dedicated to “green” products, enhancing Filo’s sustainability project, FiloFlow, which adds a new service to the companies in this edition: ‘Sustainability from A to Z’, developed in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S.

Filo is an increasingly international fair, thanks to the constant growth in number of foreign exhibitors and visitors and of foreign buyers too. In particular, Filo hosts a delegation organised in collaboration with ITA-Agency Rome with buyers coming from: France, Spain, U.K., Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea, Japan, USA, Chile, South Africa, Ethiopia, and India.
The long collaboration among Filo, Piedmont Regional Government and Ceipiemonte – the Piedmont Agency – continues in the scope of the activities related to the ‘Textile’ Supply Chain Integrated Project promoted by Piedmont Region and funded by 2014-2020 POR-FESR Piedmont funds. In the context of the collaboration, an educational tour in Biella’s territory is planned for delving into the knowledge of the excellent production of one of the most high-profile, known and appreciated textile districts worldwide. In addition, during the second day of the fair, Piedmont Regional Government and Ceipiemonte present the research which has been specifically carried out within the project: ‘The challenge of the Iberian textile industry between competitive advantages and global risks of made in Spain and Portugal fashion: which are the opportunities for Italian companies?’.

Paolo Monfermoso, Responsible for Filo, states: “Today the 59th edition of Filo starts. First, I would like to thank all exhibitors – both Italian and foreign ones – who confirmed their trust in Filo, bringing to the fair extremely valuable collections, in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Of course, I would like to thank also ITA-Agency and Piedmont Regional Government: by supporting us with attentive collaborations, they allow us to make Filo an increasingly international fair.”
Monfermoso continues: “We have chosen as fil rouge of this edition the concepts of sustainability, traceability, and supply chain since they gather our values and the deep value of the yarns, and the materials proposed by our exhibitors. During the opening ceremony we will talk about them together with a young and smart businessman, Alan Garosi, who is bringing his valuable experience as co-owner of Fulgar Group and Pompea, two leading companies placed respectively upstream and downstream of production process. The concepts of sustainability and traceability are strongly linked, acquiring a real and concrete meaning just in a supply chain view. Specifically for helping the companies to orient themselves in a particularly complex issue, we propose in this edition a new service: ‘Sustainability from A to Z’, carried out in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S by Giusy Bettoni. Sustainability, traceability, and supply chain are themes on which Filo has been focusing for years. The presence of the organisations for the promotion of the noblest natural fibres and of some leading groups in man-made fibres’ production, together with some dyeing mills exactly meets our aim of offering a supply chain vision to participants in Filo. As far as sustainability is concerned, most exhibitors participate in FiloFlow, being aware that sustainable process and products represent a challenge that textile industry needs to deal with.”


Biella, February 22, 2023
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