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The 58th edition of Filo closed with positive results

The 58th edition of Filo, the International Yarns and Fibres’ Exhibition, closed today registering great
Among the stands, the work has been intense during the two days, resulting from a constant flow of
visitors and buyers. Foreign buyers came back to the fair, and this represented a very important
element, exceeding numbers registered in 2019.
The 58th edition focused on the two main issues, sustainability and creativity. These are two essential
and interconnected concepts – the two sides of the same coin – as it was highlighted during the
opening ceremony, which was indeed dedicated to “Sustainability and creativity: from new textile to
new fashion”. The two stylists, Massimo Crivelli and Martino Midali, who were the guests of the
ceremony, talked to Filo’s audience about their vision of fashion, the importance of the constant
relation with fabrics and materials’ producers in a creative dialogue along the supply chain – which
is now fundamental more than ever for conveying new ideas. It indeed brings innovation and
considers sustainability as the result of a continuous research.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, states: “The 58th edition of Filo closes with positive results.
I would like to thank for this great result the exhibitors who, as always, brought to the fair very highquality collections. But I also want to thank buyers, that once again proved to be competent and
concrete interlocutors for our exhibitors”.
Mr. Monfermoso adds: “Filo is increasingly becoming a platform for business, for exchanging ideas
and projects, collaborations arising and growing in our booths and in our spaces. Behind all this, there
is the Area dedicated to “Dialoghi Creativi” – also including “Un Filo per la Maglia” – on one hand,
and the Sustainability Area with FiloFlow on the other: they have been both designed for being a
guidance and a forward-looking inspiration, but concrete enough to meet companies’ needs.
On the other hand, through “Dialoghi di Confronto”, we want to develop discussion on key issues
within textile industry, such as sustainability, innovation, and the fundamental role of fibres in
carrying out new products. Particularly in this edition, great interest resulted from the research on the
opportunities and the challenges of textile market in the U.K., carried out by Piedmont Region and
Ceipiemonte in the scope of Progetto Integrato di Filiera (PIF) ‘Tessile’ promoted by Piedmont
Region and funded thanks to POR-FESR Piemonte 2014-2020 funds, that has been presented during
one of the most popular “Dialoghi di Confronto”.
Confirming Filo’s international vocation, the collaboration between the Exhibition, the Piedmont
Region and the Regional Agency for internationalization Ceipiemonte also made it possible to
organize, again within the Project, the incoming of a delegation of 14 incoming buyers from the
United Kingdom and Spain, who during the visit were able to appreciate the high quality of the
collections exhibited at Filo. 36 foreign buyers arrived to the fair thanks to the great and long
cooperation with Agenzia ICE, coming from 13 different countries: France, Portugal, Ireland, the
U.K., Hungary, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Palestine, South Africa, Vietnam, India. Of
course, we must add also many Italian and foreign buyers who reached Filo independently”.
Mr. Monfermoso concludes: “Designing textile’s future also means protecting its cultural heritage.
Therefore, Filo decided to host the exhibition, curated by Elisabetta Invernici, “Estetica ’70: il genio
di Brunetta dialoga con Franco”: the reach foundations laid down in the past can be a great source of
inspiration for the future. The two days of the 58th edition of Filo were intense, full of meetings,
professional exchanges and stylistic hints and stimuli for debate. Next Filo edition is scheduled to be
held in February, with the 59th edition of Filo”.
The 59th edition of Filo will take place in February 2023, on the 22nd and the 23rd at Allianz MiCo –
Biella, September 15, 2022
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