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FiloFlow, Filo’s sustainability project which has been launched for some years, is increasingly developing. The number of exhibiting companies participating in it is constantly raising, so much so that for the 56th edition, in addition to the general catalogue of Filo, there will be also the specific FiloFlow catalogue.

The 56th edition of Filo confirms the centrality that the theme of sustainability has gained for the whole textile industry. Consequently, the FiloFlow project will have an even higher visibility compared to the past: it will be indeed the focus of the new Sustainability Area, comprehensive of a specific trend area of FiloFlow companies. Here, visitors can also find the FiloFlow catalog. Almost all exhibiting companies have now joined the FiloFlow project. And the approach that Filo wanted to give to the project also contributes to its success: the goal is to enhance productions carried out according to sustainable criteria and processes related to environmental and ethic profile. All this with a perspective of supply chain, the only way to reach a truly traceable and sustainable end-product. In fact, as has been the case for some years, a group of dyeing mills are present at the 56th edition of Filo, showing their solutions for environmentally responsible textile products.


Biella, September 22 2021

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