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The 52nd edition of Filo: a successful presentation in Paris

The first stage of the roadshow for the presentation of the 52nd edition of Filo, held in Paris on the 4th of June 2019 at the Hotel Castille, was successful. The Parisian audience – composed of weavers, international buyers and journalists – listened with great interest to the presentation given by Paolo Monfermoso, general manager for Filo, who focused in particular on the FiloFlow project for yarn sustainability.

The meeting has been organised by Filo in close cooperation with ITA – Agence italienne pour le commerce extérieur. Giovanni Sacchi, head of ITA office in Paris, introduced the works, focusing on the potential that the French market offers to Italian spinning mills. And Paolo Monfermoso, general manager for Filo, reiterated that “France is a natural target market for high quality products such as those proposed by our exhibitors”. The general manager then spoke in detail on the project FiloFlow: “Filoflow is a tracking project of the textile supply-chain, and it is designed to highlight and to enhance sustainable production processes and products implemented by our exhibitors. Indeed, we think that environmental and social sustainability is a mandatory choice for the companies belonging to textile-apparel industry – especially high-end ones – which want to remain internationally competitive. Our exhibitors have responded with great interest to the FiloFlow project, and we are sure that also international buyers will find it a crucial tool to identify the products that best meet their needs” – explained Mr. Monfermoso.

Excellent reception by French operators also for “Metamorphosis”, that is the product development proposals prepared by Gianni Bologna for the 52nd edition of Filo.

Biella, 19 giugno 2019

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