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The 49th edition of Filo in the exhibitors’ comments

At the end of the 49th edition of Filo we collected some exhibitors’ initial thoughts on the fair. All confirmed their satisfaction with the work accomplished during the two days of the fair.

Roberto Rimoldi from Filatura Luisa states that: “We are satisfied with the performance of these two days at Filo, with clients’ presence in line with previous editions for the same season. During this edition, we have received the visits of clients, especially Italian. Among the products which have been particularly appreciated, alpacas and our “real” stock service”.

Gian Maurizio Caucino from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia says that: “Our opinion about Filo is positive, as always. We have registered a higher flow of visitors, both Italian and European. Summarising, we can say that there is a growing interest for Made in Italy products. The search for fancy yarns and those yarns which let creating deep movements on fabrics” surface is increasing”.

Vicenzo Caneparo from Davifil says that: “Our judgement of Filo is positive. We hosted a number of visitors equal to the last great editions, with various new and high-qualified names”.

Gianni Fantini from Tollegno 1900 states that: “We are satisfied with the trend of these two days at Filo. We have received a good number of interesting visits. On the other hand, we have proposed specific products for the sector which gained a positive feedback from visitors. Clients who visited us where both Italian and European, nearly 50% each”.

Francesco Della Porta too, from Pozzi Electa, judges positively the fair: “We are satisfied for the results achieved during this edition of Filo, we have registered a high participation of buyers, qualified and concrete. We had the opportunity to spend time with our clients, in order to ponder over the best solutions that we can offer to them. At the 49th edition of Filo, we showed a collection developed following two main fundamental themes: eco-basic and eco-chic. They have been distinguished and appreciated for Tencel presence and recycled yarns”.

Stefano Aglietta from Italfil says that: “This edition of Filo confirms the positive trend which we had already found in September 2017. We are noticing a request for high-quality products: wool yarns with high-quality features are especially requested from both Italian and foreign clients. In the last few years, our company has created new products, in particular the range of high-quality technical yarns, which is resulting to be particularly interesting for foreign clients”.

Giovanni Marchi from Marchi e Fildi says that: “The evaluation of this edition is totally positive. We have seen many costumers, both consolidated and new ones. Within the market, there is special interest for yarns dedicated to a higher market range. And a real interest for Ecotec products is arising: this means that sustainability has become a real competitive element for downstream companies”.

Alberto Enoch from Servizi e Seta states that: “In this edition too, Filo has confirmed to be a great B2B fair. We have received many high-level clients, with many foreign buyers, especially coming from Great Britain, showing a true interest for our products”.

Marco Bardelle from Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 says that: “Filo is a fair which offers great opportunities, a very interesting exhibition. During this edition too, we have received many clients, developing interesting technical discussions”.

Laura Boldi from Boldi Filati judges positively “our first participation at Filo. We received the visit of very interesting clients, especially Italian. We have sampled many fancy yarns. Our range of eco-friendly yarns has gained a great success too: natural, recycled or ecological yarns represent an important issue all over the world”.

Giovanni Basso from Tintoria di Pollone is very satisfied: “we are at Filo for the first time, and the fair has given us many satisfactions. A success giving merit to people who worked on products and exhibited to the fair. It has been particularly successful hosting many foreign clients: therefore, Filo shed a light on our company and we hope it continues to shine for the future too”.

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