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The 46th Filo edition: the taste and the colours of luxury

A “Luxury-Revolution” animates the Trends Area of the 46th Filo edition (28-29 of September 2016 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan). However, as trend themes of Yarns and Fibres’ Exhibition show very well, ‘luxury’ is not a word that today is used in the singular form, but in the plural one. Therefore, the kind of luxury many people are investing in is good quality food. As beautiful yarns lay their foundations on the solid bases of Made in Italy textile tradition, also the food that intends to be a ‘luxury’ for palate comes from genuine products, which hark back to territories’ tradition, as they re-read old archives of recipes, but innovating and looking at the present in order to adapt at current taste.

At Filo, the ‘luxury’ of a refined and genuine taste arises thanks to the partnership with a group of renowned food companies. They are asked by the fair’s organisers to provide their know-how and the quality of their products during those moments designed to make more pleasant the two working days, using the FiloLounge as their main stage.


A very high quality cheese is a real luxury for refined palates. In relation to Botalla Formaggi, a company which was born in Biella in 1947, the mountains just behind the city, high-altitude pastures, the scent of pasture grasses make truly special all different recipes offered by the company, also thanks to a processing where tradition meets with innovation.


In order to keep up with the “rivers” of words that flow during these two days of fair, it is necessary lot of water and at Filo only Lauretana water has been present for a considerable time. The lightest water in Europe, for its organoleptic value, goes hand in hand with the job carried out at the exhibition and in the FiloLounge and FiloHappening, just because Filo and Lauretana share the same values of high quality linked to innovation. Along its 50 life years, indeed, Lauretana has constantly invested in technological innovations so much that today all its production lines are the latest generation, with cutting-edge systems of salutary control. That is why Biella’s ‘blue gold’ succeed in charming the whole world: Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan and Russia besides all Filo participants of course.


Quality, tradition and culture are the strengths of Birra Menabrea. Founded in Biella in 1846, today Birra Menabrea is one of the made in Italy worldwide brand of excellence. That come by no accident because this is a beer brewed bearing in mind the concept of made-by-hand and using the quality of Biella waters, a careful choice of hops, the strain of yeast, malt and a production process carried out with care and dedication. Such a richness of taste is based on a real heritage of culture and tradition, which Birra Menabrea collects in two very special “archives”: The Birra Menabrea Museum and the Beer Library, where more than 300 publications and original documents related to the drink are listed: some of them go back to 1500.


For the two light-lunches reserved to exhibitors and for the FiloHappening, the feat of taste is to be found in Ramella Banqueting delicious specialities. Perfectly in theme with the philosophy of Filo, the excellent recipes that chef Ivan Ramella proposes during the two exhibition’s days are based on the categorical imperative of quality, founded on research and strong link with Biella territory. With 50 years of experience, Ramella family made quality catering an art where professionalism, passion and hospitality’s style gather.


Since there is more to life than luxury for palate, here is also luxury for the sight, with flowers and plants by Angolo del Fiore. Floral creations by Angolo del Fiore arose from its owner’s fantasy, who is able to choose the best of what nature offers every season, colouring with ‘green’ the exhibiting area of Filo.


September 28, 2016

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