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The 46th edition of Filo is ready to go

Today, the 28th of September 2016, the 46th edition of Filo, the yarns and fibres’ exhibition, is opening in Milan. The fair takes place at Palazzo delle Stelline (corso Magenta 61) and it will end tomorrow, on the 29th of September 2016. During the first day, the exhibition is open from 9am to 6pm, while during the second one, it will be open from 9am to 5pm.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, states that “The 46th Filo edition is opening in a general positive atmosphere. During the first semester of 2016 data concerning yarns’ exports are positive, as well as data concerning wool weaving, the sector representing the main clients of Filo’s exhibitors. However, some difficulties remain: Italy’s recovery has not strengthened yet and crisis continue to occur internationally. In this particular contest, a company’s good performance has a fundamental premise: product’s excellence. Filo’s exhibitors who show innovative and strongly high-quality yarns demonstrate that. But this is also proved by the highly qualified buyers, both Italian and foreign ones, that visit Filo just because they perfectly know they can find there the most suitable materials which meet their production’s needs. The fact that Filo represents a well-known and an essential point of reference for weaving yarns within international exhibitions landscape is confirmed by the presence of new exhibitors and a number of accredited visitors which is growing up at this 46th edition”.

“As far as the 46th Filo edition – Monfermoso says – our commitment for offering new opportunities of growth to companies is also reflected on the schedule that completes the two days of fair. ‘La Filatura e il Tessile’, the exhibition curated by Centro Rete Biellese – Archivi Tessili, is a path along the heritage made up of ideas and solutions that have been safeguarded within textile companies’ archives; in other words, a rediscover inside the past in order to build future. While ‘Black Room’ and ‘White Room’, implemented by PoinTex, present innovative textile developments, which have been thought and realised starting from the companies’ needs. As data show, exports represent an increasingly important voice in companies’ balance sheet. An exhibition like Filo, has the duty to support them in their efforts to face foreign markets. For this reason, in partnership with ITA-Italian Trade Agency and Sistema Moda Italia – Filo has set up a valuable synergy with both these bodies – we have organised the conference-inauguration ‘Il filo del design’. The round table is focused on the strategies for development and internationalisation of companies belonging to our sector, highlighting the value of an even more cohesive production-chain, as it is the Italian textile-fashion system. The focus on the opportunities offered by Japan is particularly interesting for companies: Japan is an established market, able to appraise the high-quality of Made in Italy products and it may prove to be a bridge toward other Far East countries”.

Stylistically, the 46th Filo edition is marked by a “Luxury revolution”. The theme, interpreted  by the exhibiting companies’ tableaux in Trends Area, is developed through an evolution of the concept of luxury and high end products focusing on innovation; however, the research for the ‘new’ is based on the solid foundations of Italian textile industry. As Gianni Bologna, Filo responsible for creativity and style, explains, “we should consider ‘revolution’ within its double meaning of ‘turning back’ and ‘turning against’. And to stay closer to reality we do not talk about luxury, but ‘luxuries’, in the plural form, since, as all of the other events of modern society, aspects generated by hyper-communication are endless, in this context too”.

Biella, the 28th of September 2016

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