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Smi proposes a “journey towards the supply chain sustainability”

A “journey towards the supply chain sustainability”: the conference organised by Sistema Moda Italia aimed at sharing together with the companies an efficient method, which evaluates the sustainability of the supply chain taking into account the impact it produces.

We have to make the data of our production chain public with transparency, in order to prove that we are already able to offer sustainable products – Marino Vago, president of SMI stated – However, we ask that the rules apply equally to everybody, that sustainability is made of numbers and of measurable and comparable data and not just of enunciations. And we ask that detected information is made available to consumers with transparency. Without transparency, indeed, it is impossible to talk about sustainability“.

But which are the tools to be implemented to carry out this approach to sustainability? Sistema Moda Italia indicates the Pef and Oef methods (Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint) which are recommended also by European Union (2013/179/EU), which can be adopted by the companies on a voluntary basis. Through the analysis of sixteen environmental indicators, Pef and Oef offer an updated framework of the impact that companies’ processes and products have on the environment along the whole lifecycle, from raw materials to end-of-life. This is the starting point from which the companies can undertake their improvement strategies. Examining the whole lifecycle of a product or a process has indeed a further advantage: it enables to identify the space for improvements: that can increase the company competitiveness and reduce the costs.


Biella, october 23 2019

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