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September 25, 2019: appointment with the 52nd edition of Filo

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The 52nd Filo edition will take place 25-26 of September 2019 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan (corso Magenta 61). The fall edition of Filo is focused on sustainability, starting from the workshop “Sustainability: a virtuous process”, scheduled at 6 pm on the 25th of September 2019.

Sustainability is a crucial issue for the textile-apparel industry; it could be an opportunity for the companies able to grasp its deep and complete meaning. For this reason, Filo has considered useful – mainly for the companies participating at Filo – to organize a workshop focused on sustainability, highlighting the advantages of a “sustainable approach” to production processes. The workshop will be held on the 25th of September and opened by the presentation of the results of the first part of FiloFlow, Filo sustainability project which has garnered considerable success among Filo exhibitors. The debate that follows will be enriched by the contributions of important speakers proposing different visions, together with good practices, aiming at the creation of productive environments where environmental and social-ethic awareness represents the stimulus for innovation and creation of corporate value.

Biella, 11 September 2019

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