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Rimafil: a success founded on seriousness and competence

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Rimafil is main European supplier of viscose rayon color yarn since 1980. The firm specializes in viscose rayon types like filament, raffia, high tenacity, flat, slub, plied, twisted, bright, dull and colors, all available in stock service.

Viscose rayon, also known as artificial silk, is 100% cellulosic as it comes from the tree, thus it’s also biodegradable. It has very exclusive properties and appearance. Rayon is a noble yarn with a natural shine, very soft, highly absorbent, breathable and anti-odor. It gives a great feeling of coolness and comfortability, therefore in contact with the skin is really fresh and pleasant.
In addition, Rimafil offers a custom service for any additional color the customer may require, both in viscose rayon and polyester.
Overall, Rimafil gives a very serious service, oriented by flexibility and strong motivation to serve the industry, and this is the main reason of the firm’s long-lasting success.

Biella, 12 september 2018

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