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Producer of regenerated cotton yarn in cotton, polyester and acrylic blends, cotton/polyester blankets and woven fabric, Polat İplik Tekstil was founded in 2003 in Usak/Turkey.

The Polat İplik Tekstil production line consists of textile waste recycling, open-end spinning, dying plant and weaving plant. Recycled yarns produced from Ne 2 to Ne 30 are offered to the customers after daily quality controls in the standardized laboratory which is equipped with USTER devices. Regenerated yarn produced by Polat is suitable for usage in circular knitting, flat knitting and weaving. In addition to these products, the group company Polsar Tekstil is an agent of SASA Polyester and can supply semi dull raw white and dope dyed black virgin polyester fiber from 0.9 Denier to 3 Denier for open-end spinning and non-woven applications.


Biella, September 18 2023

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