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“Pronto? Filo!” presents “The bulky ones”


The first newflash of “Pronto? Filo!” proposes qualities to be developed on soft and bulky yarns for warm fabrics, characterised by rich yarn-dyed designs and surface weaves and reliefs which increase their warmth and comfort’s sensation.
They represent some suggestions which are almost entirely regarding wool with some exceptions for textured bulky ones and the ones made with high-quality fleeces as alpaca, mohair and angora.

These are the yarns chosen by Gianni Bologna (creativity and style manager for Filo) for the debut of the new section “Pronto? Filo!” dedicated to yarns and fabrics addressed to short-term market.
This is a new Filo’s initiative aiming at offering to Filo’s exhibitors and visitors some sparks built on inputs and qualities which can be produced in short time, for a market that keeps evolving towards speed.

Gianni Bologna explains: “The idea of “Pronto? Filo!” comes from the need to keep in touch for staying in contact with the audience that could not participate in February’s edition, due to the impossibility of carrying out the 55th edition of Filo. I thought it was useful to periodically integrate some pieces of information with what we absorb through the images from runway shows, but also from streets, from an easier fashion”.

The video about “the bulky ones” is available on Filo’s website

“Pronto? Filo!” is one of the initiatives which Filo implements in order to strengthen the dialogue with both exhibitors and visitors along the path towards the 56th edition of Filo scheduled for the 29th and 30th of September 2021 at Mi.Co in Milan.

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