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Pozzi Electa’s production takes place entirely in Val Seriana, in the small town of Clusone. It means that it is a 100% Made in Italy production.

Pozzi Electa follows closely and carefully the production cycle of its yarns, starting from the choice of raw materials, which is made relying only on suppliers who have been verified for years.
Pozzi Electa produces unique yarns, in various types of blends, starting from the most particular fibres and mixing them with great skill to obtain different yarns that respond to particular customers’ requests.
The products of the company are used in all sectors: circular knitwear, orthogonal weaving, clothing, furniture, curtains, technical and medical clothing sectors.
Pozzi Electa’s experience is made available to all the players in the supply chain, to whom the company guarantees technical advice, and the possibility of producing small batches tailored to the customer’s requests.


Biella, June 30 2021

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