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Pozzi Electa: noble yarns alongside with recycled ones

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website creator Pozzi Electa continues in the circular approach of its production, which is found in the use of renewable energy and technologies and recycled or biodegradable inputs capable of supporting a production system that avoids the waste of resources.

At Pozzi Electa, therefore, research and development is becoming increasingly important with great attention to the design phase, in order to be able to conceive a completely circular product, starting from the initial phase of its life cycle.

Alongside the fibers of natural origin – such as cotton, linen, wool – or precious materials – such as silk and cashmere – materials are used – such as recyclates – which can contribute to the production of increasingly eco-sustainable yarns.

The latest developments by Pozzi Electa include the production of a biodegradable Nylon 6.6 staple yarns, which is arousing considerable interest due to its novelty and peculiarity.

Biella, september 23rd 2019

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