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Pozzi Electa closes the circle with Re-Jeans

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In “The Closing Circle” (1971) Barry Commoner urged to restore circles in the flows of matter and energy that we have broken. Reuse the reusable and recycle the recyclable is a commitment signed by Pozzi Electa: it is really, now, to get busy to change linear models of production and consumption, and establish consumer circuits compatible with the compromised and increasingly narrow environment.

Pozzi Electawants to make its contribution with the new Re-Jeansyarns line, in which the use of recycled fibers (from fabrics or other materials) makes it possible to create products that meet this need, safeguarding nature and recovering its logic circulate for the benefit of our history. The new line of yarns is on show at the Pozzi Electa booth at the 51stedition of Filo.

Biella, 26 February 2019

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