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Positivity record for the 45th Filo edition

The 45th edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres’ exhibition, has closed today in a certainly positive atmosphere: in a fair characterized by proven success, a further increase of visitors has been registered, especially foreign ones.
Paolo Monfermoso confirms: ‘The 45th edition of Filo has closed in a certainly positive atmosphere. Visitors’ flow has been continuous along the two days of the fair, in particular, during the first day the flow of buyers has been higher than expected. Our exhibitors represent the top of yarn producers’ market segment and they confirm they received a high number of both Italian and foreign visitors, who had shown a real interest for the collections that have been exhibited. The increase of foreign visitors – together with the increase of foreign exhibitors (that today account for 30% out of the total) – represent an early result in our effort to widen and make more efficient communication, in particular towards those markets which can offer interesting opportunities for exhibiting companies. In pursuing this goal, we have been supported by Italian Trade Agency – ITA for years, promoting the arrival of foreign buyers’ delegation to the fair, coming from Japan, Turkey, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania for this edition’.
Marilena Bolli too, president of Unione Industriale Biellese, has focused on internationalisation as a key factor for success of textile manufacturing companies, during the Filo’s inauguration within the conference ‘The thread of internationalisation’, organised in cooperation with Italian Trade Agengy – ITA and Sistema Moda Italia. ‘Internationalisation is strategic for textile companies – as Bolli said – however, for small companies, as the ones of this sector usually are, is not easy to look onto foreign markets, especially if they are distant. Therefore, the fairs have to support and cooperate with them in promoting ‘Made in Italy’ abroad, creating networks and offering a whole and uniform view on the production of Italian textile pipeline, as Filo has already shown through the cooperation with Milano Unica as far as FiloShangai is concerned’.
Gianfranco Di Natale, general manager of Sistema Moda Italia, expressing its approval for yarns’ fair, has highlighted its satisfaction because ‘Filo has entered the extraordinary Plan for Made in Italy’. Internationalisation is by now an obligation for the companies and that’s why the Federation is sustaining them in this effort’. The other key element highlighted by Marilena Bolli is innovation. In order to foster an ‘innovation that cannot be achieved without cooperation’ – as Marco Bardelle, president of PoinTex, defined it – Filo has developed through the Textile Innovation Cluster an initiative which has been really appreciated by exhibitors and visitors.
Bardelle has commented that ‘Filo gave us a big opportunity to show to operators the results of our research’s activities and the possibility to carry out new projects. The cooperation existing between Unione Industriale Biellese and Città Studi of Biella results to be even more stronger and it represents a fundamental cooperation for textile future, since it matches school and industry. As also the invitation of Ercole Botto Poala to participate in Milano Unica shows, the change regarding textile industry has already started, even though the current need is to make it operating.
The satisfaction for the work carried out in this 45th Filo edition clearly emerges from off-the-cuff remarks of exhibitors.
Chiara Fanciullacci from Safil considers ‘strongly positive this Filo edition. It’s the first time that Safil exhibits with Süd Volle, showing a unified collection. The client’s flow has been high and constant, both Italian and foreign one, especially Turkish.
Roberto Rimoldi from Filatura Luisa expresses its satisfaction: ‘The fair performed well, with a high number of clients, also foreign ones. I think it’s important to stress that the buyers’ delegation promoted by Italian Trade Agengy -ITA for this edition has been truly valuable, well-selected and qualified. Our new collection of naturals, with a high research content, has been really appreciated’.
Nicoletta Meriglio from Botto Poala says ‘We are satisfied with the trend of these two days of Filo: we have met a lot of buyers, also foreign ones. More qualified users, interested in the whole products’ range and in particular to those deriving from research in fibres and aspects. Fancies and H2Dry treatment – a patent of ours – that gives comfort and performance to garments – have risen curiosity and attention.
Andrea Ongetta from Ongetta confirmed that it was ‘a very positive edition, an improvement compared to the already positive previous editions.
Among the products, buyers have focused on blends. Potting systems for fixing salicin have been appreciated too, all made of light’s reflection’.
Vincenzo Caneparo from Davifil is truly satisfied ‘We have welcomed lots of visitors during both the days of the exhibition. Moreover, Filo confirms to be a fair of a very high standard. Buyers have appreciated especially natural yarns, an already proven trend, which stresses an increasingly stronger attention on products’ quality and eco-friendly productions.
Giovanni Marchi from Marchi e Fildi highlights that ‘In this edition we have a constant movement, lots of new and already consolidated clients, Italian and foreign ones, especially Turkish. Clients appraise new proposals, products which innovate compared to usual. Also our yarns addressed to a higher market range have risen interest. By the way, our company favours service as constant research of product, but also as accurate organisation of techniques and commercial structures, trying than to satisfy our costumers entirely’.
Also Angelo Della Porta from Pozzi Electa evaluates positively the exhibition: ‘We have recorded a positive participation of buyers, higher compared to previous editions. Generally, during Filo we receive our traditional clients, interested in discovering the news of our proposals, while in these two days we have created new contacts too’.
Alberto Enoch from Servizi e Seta stresses how ‘the evaluation of the two days of the fair is very positive: we have work very well, with a high flow of visitors, high qualified ones. Among foreigners, we have received visits of American, Japanese and Korean customers: all of them of high level.
Paolo Aglietta from Italfil confirmed that it was a ‘very positive edition, with a flow higher than the one of previous editions. We are very satisfied also with buyers’ level that visited us: truly competent and interested in knowing the different aspects of shown products’.

Alessio Catani from Filatura C4 says that ‘We are very pleased about the contacts we have made, that have been created all with operators of high level. For us too the experience is strongly positive, considering that it was the first time we exhibited our products, and we surely will repeat it’.
The 46th edition of Filo will be held at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, as always, on the 28th and 29th of September 2016.

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