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Polipeli is a company specialized in the processing of noble fibres such as alpaca, camel, cashmere, virgin wool and mohair processed pure or blended with silk and linen.

According to Polipeli, the future of work lies in respecting and caring for the ecosystems that make it possible, which is why over the years the company haa promoted – and keeps promoting – energy, social and environmental sustainability projects. The company’s knowledge of natural habitats, places of production and farmers leads to the recognition of the importance of these elements and will to convey their essence to the finished products, and along the production steps. The machinery used by Polipeli is a direct expression of the interweaving of ancient traditions and renewed technologies. The company experience is the result of careful observation of technical details and continuous development of possible applications and uses of materials, with the aim of making the most of materials in each individual use.


Biella, February 7 2024

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