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Dyeing processes and respect for the environment can tread the same path, especially if natural dyes are used, as Iride srl does.

Adolfo Marchetti from Iride explains: “Since 2011, our company had achieved Gots Certification, confirming the sustainability and the quality of natural dyes implemented by us. We are constantly looking for new products, doing tests and developments which are increasingly focused on new kinds of dyeing and finishing.
Of course, there are some difficulties: natural dyeing is a niche, due to very high costs. There are also some technical problems, as the one dealing with ensuring colour’s solidity to light and repeatability, a very important issue for the most important fashion brands. Our commitment is focused on finding solutions to these problems”.
Iride is also involved in important supply chain projects in Biella’s territory. Mr Marchetti explains: “The Valsaar project, that we have joined from the very beginning with great enthusiasm, was born to give concrete support to the companies in Val Cervo affected by the flooding of 2020. It brings together a number of entrepreneurs, artisans, and artists in the production of handmade sneakers, using natural, recycled, or recyclable materials. We supply colorations, which are obviously sustainable and made with natural extracts.” In the meantime, the search for sustainability is going on also in Iride’s plants, recovering the water used for cooling during dyeing process, which also allow energy savings.


Biella, May 18 2022

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