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Luxury and high quality in Silk yarns by Ongetta

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The fabrics manufactured with yarns by Ongetta represent the excellence of the European product. People are telling us that luxury is changing, there is an overlapping of products that rejects and trivialize the stylists proposal. For these reasons, Ongetta thinks it is time to re-think about the contents.

Which are the inspiring ideas for the collection presented by Ongetta at the 47th edition of Filo?
Nowadays we still observe admiringly the precious collections in the old archives, which made the history of the silky weavers, and we are surprised about the abilities that the designers had in those periods to create, manipulate the different textile materials manufacturing unique dresses for contents, colors and shapes.
Ongetta has inspired to these characteristics to present yarns exalting the material and the uniqueness of the products where soft and bloated yarns alternate to over-twisted yarns, core-spun yarns, twisted crepes, silk frisottins and silk ondé which are able to shape and give structure to the fabric.

Biella, 21st February 2017

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