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Linsieme Filati “trademark”: noble fibers and high quality

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The Linsieme Filati Collection on show at the 49th edition of Filo the collection is based on what has been the distinguishing characteristic of the company for several years: high quality yarns. Cashmere, silk, merinos extra fine wool are mixed in intimate blend to create high quality yarns.

Linsieme Filati yarns’ counts are moving from 1/28 in 100% cashmere to intermediate counts as 1/26, 1/23 up to thicker counts as 1/15 and 1/13.
All yarns by Linsieme Filati are offered in stock service in more than 50/100 colors, depending on the product.
Particular attention has been given by the firm to researches regarding aspects and construction of yarns through innovative working techniques, in order to give to Linsieme collection a stylistic content according to the latest fashion trends.

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