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Keep Calm & Made in Italy

For Italian export there is a future of growth and opportunities in the next 4 years. Following the huge evolution of the last decade, our exports have the right credentials to continue to catch the opportunities offered by foreign markets even in a complex situation as the current one. The se are the main results of  Keep Calm & Made in Italy, the Sace Simests export report 2018.

According to the Sace Report, the highly positive trend of Italian export in 2017 (+7,4% ,corresponding to the value of 450 billion euro) is not an isolated success, but after the downturn of 2008, it confirms that Italian export has been able to re-adapt, improve quality, increase the specialisation and orient itself towards the markets with a higher potential. For 2018, the Report envisages a growth of Italian exports by 5.8%, a trend that will continue even during the next triennium at an average yearly rate accounting for 4.5%, almost equal to 500 billion euro in 2019 and exceeding 540 billion in 2021.

The biggest challenges are related to exchange rate, where euro/dollar ratio higher than 1.3 would affect negatively Italian exports competitiveness, the evolution of global value chains and protection escalations risks. According to Licia Mattioli, vice-president of Confindustria for internationalisation, Data related in the Sace report highlight an extraordinary dynamism of Made in Italy. However, the evolution of the global scenario can jeopardise developments possibilities. That’s why – according to Mattioli – the extraordinary Plan for Made in Italy should become an ordinary investment in governments planning.

Biella, 20 June 2018

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