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Japanese dyeing techniques by Shin-Naigai Textile

Shin-Naigai Textile Ltd. was established in 1887 as a Japanese spinning company and has been renowned for the excellence of its complete production process. In this fair, Shin-Naigai Textile introduces several of its latest products, Botanicaldye and a natural bamboo yarn, Takeito.

Botanicaldye by Color Ball is the latest of Shin-Naigai Textile highly innovative and original patented Japanese technology. Combining the best of nature and chemical dyestuff technology, this melange yarn is both beautiful and practical, utilizing natural plant extracts from fruits, flower, herbs and teas. The advanced dyeing technology enables Shin-Naigai to produce a natural yarn with a stable color fastness.
Similarly Takeito is a yarn blended with authentic natural bamboo and cotton. It has the natural look and crisp feel of bamboo.

Biella, 8th February 2017

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