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Iride s.r.l., founded in 2013 thanks to entrepreneurs interested in continuing the previous business, is managed by Adolfo Marchetti, assisted by a young, dynamic and highly motivated staff.

During the last years Iride has reinforced its specialization in dyeing wool and in the making of mixed fibres fabrics (silk, linen, cotton, viscose, etc.) and in the studying of finishing to give the fabric special hands and aspects.
In order to always be at the forefront and not fall into the banality of an already seen product, in recent years the company has invested in the first place in the specialization of personnel to obtain a group stimulated to grow together with the company, and in new machineries.
Always attentive to respect for the environment and fundamental rights of workers, Iride has obtained the GOTS certification since 2011, also developing a study on dyes with natural dyes on the piece.
The desire to create a system, passion, creativity and style led Iride to join the Filo D’Oro project, born from the union of five entrepreneurs from different textile districts, in order to obtain a real micro-supply chain of the product.
In 2021 the company proudly participated with 9 other entrepreneurs in the “VALSAR” project. The completely eco-sustainable shoe was born from a brilliant idea by Andrea and Stefano Barbera. The proceeds will be partly donated to the Vallecervo area, which, like Irideitself, was significantly hit in October 2020 by a strong flood.
Now, after years of experience, and strong in competence and professionalism, Iride is able to satisfy every need of its customers.


Biella, September 22 2021

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