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website creator Iride was founded in 2013, thanks to the idea of a group of businessmen who took over a previous activity, managed by Adolfo Marchetti and his young and dynamic staff. The company is a part of Filo d’Oro project, group founded to create a effective micro-supply chain from different textile districts.

Over the years Iride company has specialized in dyeing and finishing of wool and mixed fabrics, with particular attention to innovation and specific workings.
The company marks of distinction are growth and sustainability. The strategy is based on the belief that ethics and profit should coexist, since economic development cannot last long without social and environmental development. Inspired by and aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, Iride is engaged in contributing to generate a positive global change, assuming a clear environmental and social responsibility
Attentive to the environment and safety of its staff, GOTS certification has been achieved, also developing the study of natural dyes. Iride invests a lot in training to specialize its staff, trying to satisfy with competence every customer’s request.
Over the years Iride has been widening and renovating the Dry Dept and the annexed laboratory. To improve safety, two automatic distribution systems have also been installed for chemical, chloride and sulphates products. The ongoing renovation of the property is to make the workplace easier and safer, investing more and more in the area of Biella.


Biella, May 19 2021

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