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Iride invests in quality and sustainability

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Iride was born in 2013 thanks to entrepreneurs interested in the continuation of the previous activity; now it is managed by Adolfo Marchetti, assisted by a young, dynamic and highly motivated staff. Over the years the company has continued to improve its specialization in dyeing fabrics made from mixed fibers (silk, linen, cotton, viscous etc…) and in the study of finish-ups to give the fabric hands and particular aspects. In addition, it is always looking for new collaborations to expand, diversify and innovate the product offered to its customers.

To be always at the forefront and not fall into the banality of a product already seen, Iride has invested in the first place in the specialization of the staff to get a group stimulated to grow with the company. In 2016 Iride expanded and improved the dyeing department, where products are treated in cord, thanks to the presence of jets which allow dyeing under pressure; the laboratory was doubled and created a new and functional colors kitchen was implemented.
Always conscious about respect for the environment and fundamental rights of workers, Iride has been awarded the GOTS certification since 2011, developing a study on dyes with natural dyes.
In the last year Iride has continued to invest in new finishing machinery, expanding and modernizing the department, to offer customers better quality.
Secondly, Iride continues to restructure its plant, to invest in safety: the local Tessilcontroll System unit has a dedicated department, where it can guarantee maximum control over the finished fabric.
In addition, desire to work in team, passion, creativity and style have pushed Iride to join the Filo D’Oro project, founded by entrepreneurs from different textile districts, in order to obtain a real micro-supply chain.
After years of experience, and strong of its competence and professionalism, Iride tries to meet every need of its customers.


Biella, 12 february 2020

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