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TOT’s competitive advantage

TOT has a very agile and efficient structure, that can satisfy the requests of clients quickly and punctually. A delivery service in 24 hours is granted.

TOT organization can be considered a real supply chain, able to meet all the customer’s demands.
In few hours the TOT laboratory can reproduce, in any color and any yarn, the quantities the client asks for: t from the few grams of a small hanks to a great number of cones.
On the other hand, thanks to its stock service, TOT can deliver ready yarns, in a great number of colors.
The company has three factories (Ambrogio Pessina, Comofil and Tintoria Filati Portichetto), each one specialized in a particular product type, and can offer cones, dyeing and, if needed, retouching of every kind of yarns.
The client therefore has the possibility to quickly sample the requested product using either laboratory service or the stock service.
At the moment of the industrial production, with the highest guarantee of quality, and exact matching to the sample, the client will be able to decide to choose from the stock service or from the dyeing mill selling service using his own row yarn.
Obviously each one of these possibilities will have different costs and answer’s timing.


Biella, October 5 2020

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