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The creation of Pozzi Electa cashmere collection starts with the selection of the natural fiber.
Cashmere guaranteed for white originating from the highlands of Mongolia is blended with the most exclusive and precious Cotton, with uniform long-stapled fibers.
Highly specialized technicians scrupulously and wisely check the fibers to ensure maximum cleanliness and homogeneity of the blend.

The result of this meticulous work is the Casko Pozzi Electa yarn (85% Combed Mako Cotton 15% Cashmere for white , a clean, tenacious and regular yarn, available in a wide range of counts, including extremely fine ones, from NE 12 to NE 94.
The use of Casko Pozzi Electa yarn allows the creation of fabrics with an extraordinarily light, soft and smooth hand and due to its versatility, it can be used both in orthogonal weaving and in high-end circular or flat knits.
Pozzi Electa guarantees its consultancy, the flexibility of quick and targeted supplies, and the availability of productions also in the form of rovings and slivers.


Biella, February 24 2021

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