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Filo•Sophy”, the video with the creative proposals for the “Dialoghi Creativi” of the 62nd edition of Filo, carried out by Gianni Bologna, is now online on the Filo website.

Focused on the product and the manufacturing processes, without ever giving up creativity and stylistic research, the creative proposals are considered by textile professionals to be the flagship of Filo for a precise reason: they are designed, developed and created to be “used” by companies in their daily work.
It is precisely to underline the continuous interaction with companies that Filo has chosen the name “Dialoghi Creativi” for its product development proposals. The digital format, chosen by Filo for the presentation, then responds to precise market requests, because it allows all interested professionals in the textile-fashion system to be reached in a simple, effective and rapid way, in Italy and abroad.

Gianni Bologna, creativity and style responsible of Filo, explains the contents of “Filo•Sophy” in this way: “For this edition of Filo we considered the ever-changing relationship between what is was until a few years ago between the concepts of pleasantness and aesthetic refusal, between standards of what is acceptable and unacceptable, between old-time, current-time and future-time, so as to re-assess the relationship between inside/outside, here/there, staying/going which has no longer represented or designed in terms of radical juxtaposition, but in terms of an intermediate presence keeping together these limits by making evident and marking their distance.”


Biella, June 12 2024

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