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FiloFlow: The Numbers Of The First Stage

FiloFlow: the numbers of the first stage

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The first results of FiloFlow have been presented during the first day of the 52nd edition of Filo.

The percentage of exhibitors that participated in FiloFlow accounts for 35%. The 82% of them uses also raw materials coming from recycling, before and after the consumption, biomaterials. From the perspective of supply chain traceability, 96% uses raw materials of certified origin. Over the last year 81% of the companies purchased (or decided to purchase) new machinery which reduce energy or water consumption and the environmental impact in general. 81% of the companies declares to consume less energy compared to the past, especially electricity (95%) but also gas (25%). These data are clearly positive, but just 22% of the companies has a plant for heat recovery and just 40% of the companies has an energy plant from renewable companies: it is clear that there’s much to improve in this sense. 75% of the companies has reduced water consumption. Chemical management is something related particularly to dyeing mills: among the ones that participated in FiloFlow, 92% gained a certification. 68% of the companies pursued a new approach bringing them to re-use or recycle internally production waste; 72% of them re-sell them to other manufacturing activities.

From the social-ethic perspective, 75% of the companies has introduced a continuous training plan for employees; 40% has a satisfaction measurement system for employees and 61% carried out their own welfare system.

Much attention is given to providers too: 79% of the companies has set a system of certification and monitoring of their suppliers; for the 82% of them is based on indicators shared with the same providers. 89% of the companies appointed a responsible for sustainability.


Biella, october 9th 2019

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