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Filo: strategies and projects for the second semester

Before starting with the organisation of the 50th Filo edition, there are still space for some reflections on the strengths highlighted during the 49th edition of Filo, held in February at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, states that: “The autumnal edition of Filo coincides with a round figure: the 50th edition, 25 years of Filo’s life. Therefore, it represents also an opportunity for an analysis of the exhibition’s activities and for laying the foundations to face successfully the next years, in a textile world that is strengthening and that, at the same time, needs to change significantly”. Mr. Monfermoso continues: “In this path we have as points of reference the same factors characterizing Filo since its beginning: the absolute excellence of yarns on show and the high quality of buyers, both Italian and foreign ones, coming to visit the fair. Through the years, other critical principles had risen, as sustainability, internationalization, education, synergies – which, for Filo, have been represented by the close cooperation with ITA Agency, Sistema Moda Italia and Milano Unica. To these concepts we have given – and we will continue to give – great emphasis, since we are convinced that they represent the future of textile-apparel industry. Ultimately, they can be summarised in just one concept: supply chain. As Marino Vago stressed during the last Smi meeting, we toned to keep highlighting how each single step in the supply chain contributes to the total value of our know-how and know-how to produce. For whom is set, as our exhibiting companies, upstream of the supply chain, this is a fundamental concept”.

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