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Filo presents its 48th edition in Biella, Milan and Prat

Filo presents its 48th edition in Biella, Milan and Prat

 The road-show for the presentation of the 48th edition of Filo, the yarns and fibres’ exhibition, starts today. The first stop will be in Biella (at 10.30 – sala Valetto – Unione Industriale Biellese – via Torino, 56). The journey continues in Milan on the 20th of June (at 10.30 – Palazzo delle Stelline – Corso Magenta, 61). The tour will end on Thursday the 22nd of June in Prato (at 2.30 p.m. at the local Chamber of Commerce – via del Romito, 71).

The meetings presenting the next edition of Filo represent an eagerly awaited event since they give the chance to strengthen interactions among organisers and exhibitors. Traditionally, the meetings are also the occasion to reveal products’ development proposals, that give both exhibitors and textile professionals stylistic guide-lines from where they can get their inspirations for collections. Paolo Monfermoso, manager of for Filo, states: “The road-show for the presentation of Filo in some of the Italian most important textile districts is paramount for us, since it allow us to launch the fair and to know exhibitors’ needs and demands. Today, we find on the forefront issues linked to the expansion toward foreign markets. Therefore, in each edition – together with the Italian Trade Agency – we study the best strategies for promoting Filo abroad, based on demands made by our exhibiting companies. It adds up to the positive results of our exhibition in terms of quality and exhibitors and visitors’ number, and it is founded  on our working method which favours concreteness in order to offer to the companies real opportunities of growth, in national and international markets”. Monfermoso continues saying that: “The mission of Filo towards efficacy and concreteness will be re-affirmed on September by the issue we have chosen as the guiding thread of the 48th edition: sustainability. Through collections presented by exhibitors, spaces dedicated to the most advanced research in our sector, and the seminar organised together with ITA–Agency, Filo aims to emphasise sustainability as a key factor for development and success of Italian textile industry. In addition, sustainability is deeply tied to the concept of innovation, since sustainable and innovative products cannot be set apart from a continuous innovation in production processes”.

The three press conferences are not just limited to describe issues and news about the September 2017 edition of Filo. A wide part of the meetings in Biella, Milan and Prato are indeed dedicated to the presentation of products’ development proposals devised by Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of Filo. As far as the 48th edition is concerned, the inspiration has been the Planet Earth. As Bologna explains: “I would like to say from the outset that with due respect to people who have been bringing forth for a long time the topics of natural characters – sustainability/ eco-compatibility in the textile industry (and not only), today we are not going to talk about Eco or bio materials. We have never joined the chorus of people who too often turn such important topics into simple marketing’s tools, with no meaning behind empty words. We have never done it, and we do not want to start today. However, for the 48th Filo edition, we get inspired by the undeniable poetry evoked by images of this light blue planet, both part and origin of our DNA. We do it especially as an invitation to a positivity’s gesture. The hope is that everything should become soon much more sustainable, both materially and psychologically, and people should start committing themselves to safeguard the future (not only the past). It is no coincidence that the original meaning of the word ‘nature’ is ‘what will be delivered’”.

The 48th edition of Filo is scheduled on the 27th and 28th of September 2017 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.


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