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Filo no. 52: the flavour of sustainability

Filo no. 52: the flavour of sustainability

Sustainability has many facets. It can be the choice to adopt production processes which minimise the impact on the environment and improve working conditions. Or it can be reflected in the decision of following an ancient tradition of workmanship or the bond with a territory that first of all means knowledge and respect for its peculiarities. However, sustainability runs throughout the 52nd Filo edition (25th-26th of September 2019 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan), starting of course from the exhibitors’ collections that never as on this occasion propose “sustainable” yarns and materials. This can be seen in the Trend Area of the Exhibition, where the companies which has participated in FiloFlow, the sustainability project of Filo, are immediately recognisable.
And if exhibitors’ collections prove how excellent products come out from the respect for the territory, its traditions and its culture, and precisely because of their features they are able to conquer the most distant markets, the same concepts inspire the daily activity of the companies which support Filo in ensuring the services made available for exhibitors and visitors during the two days of the fair.

Since 1947, tradition and innovation coexist in the heart of Botalla Formaggi products and they come together in a single soul, where the present doesn’t forget the past but, on the contrary, protects it, making it even more perfect and projected to the future. A further example: Che bio!, Botalla organic cheese, whose production is exclusively based on organic milk produced by Piedmont’s zoo-technical firms which breed local races. This milk production is a highly sustainable, in perfect harmony with the environment and with a forage production carried out through a controlled and certified supply chain.

Pasticceria Massera bases its production on old processes and that’s why it defines proudly itself as a “handcrafted firm”. As it was at the beginning, when the founder, Luigi Massera, took the famous torcetti out of the oven for the village’s festivities, the processing excludes preservatives and colouring agents, using a unique mix of dosing and manipulation of absolutely natural ingredients: flower, butter and sugar, the simplest and even the most ordinary things that the cuisine can be offer to the art of confectionery. Since 1920 on, Pasticceria Massera has become a flagship of the Biella’s confectionery’s production, receiving prestigious acknowledgments as the Label of handicraft excellence by Piedmont Region.

During the two days of Filo, there will be of course Birra Menabrea. The famous brand, with more than 170 years of history, has always stood out for strong quality, tradition and culture. At the basis of its international success there is the choice to use the ingredients of the traditional recipe: starting from the quality of waters of Biella Alps, the choice of hops, from yeast stock, from malt. The company is committed in making some important investments in order to ensure an efficient industrial process, in compliance with the strictest standards in terms of quality and environmental compatibility, as proved by the already innovative bottling plant. Birra Menabrea has a traditional soul keeping the same localisation for the headquarters, the original recipe, the very high quality of the ingredients. However, at the same time, it is a reality in continuous evolution, aiming at constant improvements, in every respect. This is why it is the ideal partner of Filo.

As far as water is concerned, at Filo there it has just one name: Lauretana. During its more than 50 years of activity, Lauretana has been able to develop a distinctive position in the international panorama of mineral waters, by choosing a business logic which had always aimed at quality instead of mere profit. Its springs from Monte Rosa, in the Alpine area of the Biella mountains, in an over a thousand metres high uncontaminated territory. To ensure that Lauretana water arrives on the boards as it springs from the mountain, without any treatment or forcing, the production cycle is linked to the weather: in the winter time, when it rains very little and too low temperatures run the risk of freezing the waters, the production slows down. Lauretana has four bottling lines – completely renewed and of the latest generation, with state-of-the-art hygiene control systems: two of them are dedicated to PET bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate, a recyclable, durable and very light material) and the other two are dedicated to glass bottles, with the possibility to manage no-deposit ones, for national and European market, and the deposit-paid ones, for foreign market. The lightest water in Europe for its organoleptic properties goes hand in hand with the work into the booths and the areas dedicated to more relaxed moments at Filo.

Once again for the 52nd Filo edition, the two light-lunches and the buffets for the cocktails following the press conference and the workshop on the 25th of September are prepared by Ramella Banqueting. The proposals by the chef Ivan Ramella are a delight to the palate and combine the attention to food tradition from Biella territory with the research for more and more new recipes, succeeding in combining creativity and tradition consistent with the seasonality and territory’s products. Since 1946, Ramella family has made quality catering an art which gathers professionalism, passion and style of hospitality, as shown, in addition to the banqueting activity, by the various restaurants and activities animated by Ramella family in Biella area.

However, not only high-taste and high-quality food companies collaborate with Filo to make successful the 52nd edition.

V2 is an apparel company from Biella. It is a “young” company considering both vocation and year of foundation. For Filo, V2 has expressly designed the sweatshirts worn by the hostesses and the stewards of the 52nd edition. In the elegant simplicity of the garments – white with the logo of Filo – the company philosophy can be recognized, which rewards the Made in Italy and relies on careful processes. The manual labour that leads to the creation of each V2 garment is indeed a path aimed at distinguishing the company in a market full of products based simply on printings and writings, often trivial. As V2 founders say, in this way “classic moulds, renews, becomes unique”.

Sustainability is the “raw material” of the contribution by Scatolificio Biellese. Firstly, because the raw material of its work – cardboard – is, in general, one of the most recyclable and reusable. But in particular because at the 52nd edition of Filo it provides the containers used to collect the badge cords. The containers are clearly visible, with writings that immediately draw attention and are located at the exit of the exhibition space.

Last but not least, Fondazione Stelline. Indeed, Palazzo delle Stelline is the historic headquarter of Filo, and it has always been very appreciated by exhibitors and visitors for its central position in the city of Milan and the charm of a location rich in light, art and history. It is not by chance that Lombardy Region and Milan Municipality created the Fondazione, in 1986, just to safeguard and enhance the historic Palazzo delle Stelline and foster the cultural, social and economic development of Lombardy and Milan, with an international view.

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