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With this issue, the first series of ILoveFilo ends: through the interviews to exhibitors, we have found out the reasons why they have chosen to participate in Filo, together with an analysis of the strong points of the exhibiting companies which participated in the initiative. The result is a varied framework of the excellence’s production of the companies participating in Filo.

IloveFilo is an initiative by Filo thought for exhibitors and realized thanks to their collaboration.
The goal is to give voice to the protagonists of Filo – the exhibiting companies – so that with their words they can explain to other potential protagonists of the exhibition (exhibitors and visitors) what Filo is and the characteristics that make it unique in the international textile-fairs panorama.
At the same time, through short descriptive videos, exhibitors have the opportunity to present themselves and their reality to the public.
Twelve companies have been interviewed: in addition to Davifil, Filatura Astro, Safilin, Pozzi Electa, Linificio e Canapificio nazionale, Litija, Filasa, Filatura Alma, Utt, Ghezzi, Moririn e Monticolor


Biella, July 28 2021

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