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Filo has become big

The 50th edition of Filo, held at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on 26-27 September 2018, was inaugurated by Carlo Piacenza, president of the Unione Industriale Biellese.

In his speech Carlo Piacenza, president of the Unione Industriale Biellese said: “During these 25 years, Filo has become big, as much in terms of numbers as in terms of quality: this is the distinctiveness of the exhibition. Long standing exhibitors, together with new ones, share the excellence of exhibited products and the concrete choice of being part of a mainly B2B fair. Today, however, it is not just the time to look back, but it is the right moment to look at the future with enthusiasm, together with life-long partners, ITA-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia, and here I would like to thank both.”

The word therefore passed to Marinella Loddo, director of ITA-Agency Office in Milan. She highlighted how “internationalisation should by now be part of the strategies belonging to each company, including the start-ups. Internationalised companies are more competitive, but to be able to face foreign markets – especially the ones of furthest countries – training is necessary, since it is a matter of understanding new consumers, with values and needs which are often different from ours. ITA-Agency is exactly working on this, thanks to the network of ITA’s offices, that is worldwide. However, considering that the world is continuously and rapidly changing, we need new ideas, new ways to make promotion and we should try to do it together, ITA-Agency and Italian companies”.

This approach was also stressed by Federica Dottori, Head of Promotion and Internationalisation area of Sistema Moda Italia: “There is no magic bullet to have success in foreign markets. On the contrary, we should build a precise strategy for each company, based on marketing studies, ability of analysing their capabilities and resources, included the financial ones. The role of Smi is indeed to help the companies of the textile-apparel supply chain to finalising this strategy.”

While Luca Ferrarese, from Banca Sella, highlighted the great opportunities that the high digital acceleration is offering to every company. On condition, however, that there is the capability to know how to act in the so-called “ecosystem of innovation, being able to set collaborations among different players and raising networks of shared competences.”

Stefano Fadda, Milano Unica’s Art Director, stressed the synergy between Filo and MilanoUnica: “The opportunity to show simultaneously to the participants at Milano Unica yarns and fabrics represent a choice that has been really appreciated by operators. In addition, it also reflects that synergies are possible, and especially useful for everybody, since they enhance even more the high quality of products of Italian companies.” This is a path that Filo and Milano Unica want to travel together and widen in the future.

Biella, 10 october 2018

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