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Filmar: the best way to predict the future is to invent it

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Filmar Gate is a perspective. It is its own perspective. It is the Earth the firm tries to make better and more sustainable each and every day.

So at the 50th edition of Filo, a Capt. Kirk-style voice will welcome clients to the Filmar Network corner to launch them in a immersive reality, a space-time geodetic bubble.

From here, passing through three gates, the Filmar’s visitors will be able to soar and fly across the heavens and land on our lands.

At Damietta, in Egypt, the visitor will have the chance to visit the first pilot field growing extra-long fiber organic cotton and feel with your own hands the softness of our cotton.

By flying over Giza’s pyramids, she/he will then land near Alexandria, in the FilmarNile production site. Here the visitor will have the chance to take a 360° tour of the production chain for the best cotton in the world and get to know each of the processing steps from flock to fiber: from the mixing room to carding, then pressing, spinning, drawing, willowing, dying and beaming.

The third gate will lead clients to the known lands of Franciacorta, and then land at Filmar’s headquarters in Erbusco.

Inside the virtual bubble you will also find some mysterious objects that will tell you about Filmar and its white gold – but let’s not give away any spoilers.

This year, Filmar celebrates its 60th birthday and, as with every anniversary, it gives opportunity to stop for a moment and take a look at all these places from the outside. To observe what has been and try to imagine what Filmar’s future will look like.

From the small weaving factory founded in 1958 by Luigi Marzoli in his garage to the over 400 employees deployed in 6 production sites, it is definitely an outcome beyond expectations; but it is a success Luigi Marzoli somehow imagined, hoped and dreamed for.

So today, likewise, Filmar is ready to think of a bigger future, a future which will be able to take care not only of the company’s needs, which have been already more than met, but be also be able to responsibly take care of all the people and relationships gravitating around Filmar.

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Biella, 25 september 2018

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