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Elasten is now producing yarns for sanitary masks

In times of health emergency, Elestan reacts by repositioning its production.

In order to meet the needs of the market during this difficult time, Elasten has decided to orient part of its activity to the production of elastic yarns for face masks. In addition, it is working for sale or for third parties by producing elastic raw or dyed components to make end yarn products.
Faithful to its motto ‘I elasticize even my mummy’, Elasten is now producing to order elastic rounded threads in different sizes ranging from 2 mm upwards intended for the production of fabrics which can be employed for the manufacture of protective face masks.
Elasten can also develop elastic nylon or polyester threads which can be also made by using any other material both continuous and discontinuous, rounded and flat, keeping production’s minimums. All these products are intended for sale and third parties.


Biella, April 29 2020

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