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For years Elasten has been studying the possibility of making elastic yarns as “green” as possible. The company did that with its linen stretch and hemp stretch yarns for example, which are all patented. And Elasten is doing it again today in a incredibly sustainable way. Here begins a new era.

The new era made possible by Elasten research is built on the particular structure of a new production method, which creates yarns with natural elasticity on fabrics for knitwear or shuttle weaving (suitable to warp and weft). Obviously this elasticity cannot be compared to the elasticity deriving from traditional elastomers but it completely meets the modern comfort and recycling requirements being produced in one single composition or more if requested. Moreover, the handle and the surface appearing on knitted swatch or fabric are fully innovative, “technical”, “fluid” and “unexpected” considering the material on which said technology is applied. It can be applied on all materials in all counts both for third party work and sale.


Biella, September 20 2021

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