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The yarns that characterize the spring/summer 2023 collection of Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari focus on the “green” component by using natural fibres such as organic cotton, extremely fine Merinos wool and flax.

In Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari’s proposals innovation finds an important place too, thanks to the milk fibre, sustainable and created through modern techniques of bioengineering applied to the textile sector.
These elements result in a highly structured collection, suitable for a marketplace increasingly aware of the origin, the processing and the quality of the yarn.
It is composed of the following lines:
Milk&Blends, dedicated to the milk fibre and its combinations (such as the Milk Cot, 50% milk fibre and 50% organic cotton); Sustainable, specific for the organic cotton and its varieties (one of those is the Bio Melten, 50% viscose and 10% TENCEL lyocell); All Seasons-filoscozia, suitable for all seasons (for example, the Nego, 90% viscose and 10% silk); Fancy Blends, characterized by yarns with various optical effects (among these, the Vikingo, 100% shot cotton).
For further information, the company representatives are waiting for you at the 56th edition of Filo!


Biella, September 20 2021

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