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From Fil-3 yarns for every need

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Fil-3collections have a tradition of over thirty years, including experience, innovation, and tradition all over the Prato district.
The wide selection of Fil-3 yarns proposed at the 51st edition of Filo presents innumerable chromatic variations, from soft tones to bright and vivid colors, all available in our stock-service.

Among the Fil-3 yarns exhibited at the 51st edition of Filo, we find the melange carded wool blends with a large market share, such as Milord, suitable for production of furniture and for clothing, London, ideal for coats and jackets, and Nuancecomposed by 50% of mohair, a textile fiber of animal origin, with characteristics similar to silk.
Tris/Poker, with its characteristic jarre effect, remains one of the most favorite, renewed in each collection with a large number of new colors.
We speak of about 700 color variations available and more or less traditional patterns, able to meet the tastes of a national and international market.
From the most typical frisè Ricciato3 in wool blend and the bouclè Buranoand Fancy composed for about 60% viscose, it can claim a particularly appreciated shine.
Fisherand Prince, born from fine wools in melange colors and dyed in bobbins, are instead among our most requested combed, without including the mouliné yarns, suche as Moulin Rouge, always from the previous family, Fishloop, with bouclé patterns, or Tulip and Narciso, very special products of their kind because obtained from recycled jeans and regenerated wool.
In summary, the heart of fil-3 production lies in the desire to play with fibers and colors, elegance and creativity, coming to make a simple thread a very valuable product.

Biella, 26 February 2019

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