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Cps Tex, custom-made machinery

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Cps Tex is a Biella-based company specialized in the entire spinning sector (from combing to spinning). It provides technical assistance, design of customized solutions, retrofitting of second hand machineries.

Cps Tex services include the search of second hand machineries to overhaul, overhaul of second hand machineries (preparation, combing and spinning machineries), the upgrade of this kind of machines with the application of our Green Spin drive box, maintenance service and machinery moving.

Cps Tex products are the application of Green Spin drive box to all brands of finishers (horizontal and vertical) and ring spinning machines (woolen or worsted), overhauled and upgraded machineries with warranty (preparation, combing and spinning machineries) and spare parts.

Cps Tex has a very direct and close partnership with Cognetex, being the only official authorized workshop for the overhauling of their machineries. Cps Tex also provides customized solutions in order to satisfy the variety of customer’s requests

Biella, 27 September 2017

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